Author: Slavko Polak / Photography: Slavko Polak, Rollin Verlinde

Translator: Mina Mušinović

Price: 19,50 EUR

ISBN: 9780995631434

Dimensions: 245 x 245 mm / Pages: 42 / Full Colour

Suitable for: secondary education, general interest in speleology, biology, zoology, ecology, caves

Examples are based on typical representatives of cave animals in Slovenian Karst, however the variety of presented habitats give the reader an overall idea of the types of animals that can be found living in caves around the globe. 

Alongside the text, which is perfectly detailed to introduce the reader to the underground world, the book is enriched by incredible photographs, showing the researched animals in great detail. 

The mysterious underground world offers so many opportunities for expanding our knowledge and we hope that this publication will excite many future cave biologists, speleologists and cave visitors in general.