Author: Jasna Šebjanić Pupis / Ilustrator: Tomaž Verbič Šalamon

Translator: Mina Mušinović

Price: 18,00 EUR

ISBN: 978-961-95872-4-9

Dimensions: 250 x 215 mm / Pages: 45 / Full Colour

Suitable for: young learners, young readers, reading badges, teaching children about ecology, cave animals

An educational story, suitable for children aged 5 to 9 years old, presents the problem of water pollution through the story of Sally, a young aquatic salamander.

Realistic illustrations vividly describe the aquatic salamander and some of the other cave inhabitants.

The story, which also leads children through the underground world, its architecture and life in it, encourages children to think about water and the effect that pollution has on animals. Children are encouraged to think about their environment and steps they too can take in reducing our negative impact on nature. 

The book is developed as a text book for younger children. It helps them understand how to approach learning, by first reading through the book and trying to remembering as much as possible, while reflecting on situations they are already familiar with. Final part of the book is structured as a workbook that prompts children to revise what they have learned by working through different puzzles and questions. The book gives children the opportunity to grasp the importance of thinking about what they are reading as well as understanding it. They also learn that sometimes we need to read something twice to remember it.